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1:1 Profit First Coaching

It’s not about how much money you make—it’s about how much you keep. As a certified Profit First Professional firm, we offer a unique advisory service that can help you smooth your cash flow, control expenses, reduce debt and grow profits!

MYP Accelerator

This is an 8-week program only offered a few times a year. It's a small group to fully implement Profit First, and walk away with a financial blueprint for you to follow beyond the 8 weeks. You'll also have access to our MYP Community upon graduation of Accelerator.

MYP Community

We have officially launched our community!! This is perfect for small business owners who are startups, have not yet reached 6-figures, or are at a point where they want to uplevel their business such as hiring, adding products/services, etc.

Additional Services to Support Our Clients:


Let us help keep you and your business on the right track with affordable bookkeeping. Without accurate data, how will you know your numbers? Focus on growing your business with the expertise you have and leave the number-crunching to us!

Accounting Services

While we are tracking the numbers in your business, we can also help with financial day-to-day operations to give you your time back - including payroll, bill pay (Accounts Payable), invoicing and collections processes (Accounts Receivable).

Fractional Controller

Our Controller Service gives you a professional financial manager who works with you to help guide your business to success. We take care of all your day-to-day financials: bookkeeping, payroll, paying bills, cash flow management, and much more.

To determine which of our services is the best fit for your business' needs, schedule a complimentary Discovery Session. We'll talk about how our services will help you reach your goals. We will listen to what problems you’re currently experiencing in your finances, and teach you how we can help you implement the processes that will get you back on track with your finances.

Hire Jennifer to Speak

Jennifer has the heart of a teacher and a passion for educating entrepreneurs how to reach their financial goals in business to support the lifestyle they deserve. As a certified Profit First Professional, she provides the tools to help small business owners implement a cash management system so that they can maximize profit and ultimately build wealth. Jennifer is the perfect speaker for your next business event. Her expertise with clients in different industries gives her a unique perspective on Financial Foundations, Tracking Numbers, Implementing Profit First, and Growth Strategies.

Ask Jennifer to be a Guest on Your Podcast!

"Putting Profit First"

By the Books Podcast with Lindsay Kline

"Leaving a Job You Love to Embrace Entrepreneurship"

Dream Plan Start Grow with Allison Turner

Disclosure: I am not an Investment Broker, Advisor or Certified Financial Planner so I do not give any advice on securities or specific investments. I am a Business and Finance Coach, who will walk with you to create goals and a plan for your business finances, then help you execute the plan to set you up for your future. My services are educational only. I do not sell investment products.


"Jennifer is so knowledgeable and her program can definitely help you with getting all your numbers in your business straightened out. That is something that has definitely been a challenge for me. But after the program and learning the strategies she teaches it makes it so much easier! I highly recommend Mastering your profit & the Mastering your Profit Group coaching program! I give it 5+ stars!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

Beth (Speaker)

"If you are looking at increasing the profit you earn in your business - or personal life - Jennifer Perez has the knowledge to make it happen. I attended her Profit First workshop. The information she shared was extremely valuable. She explained things clearly and has a detailed process to follow. I needed more guidance to keep me accountable, so she performed a Profit Assessment. She reviewed accounting reports and was able to advise me on where and how I could reduce my expenses and increase my profit. She provides detailed, easy-to-follow instructions. I highly recommend her."

Maggie (Social Media)

"Jennifer Perez is amazing -- extremely knowledgeable and has a huge heart to help people. She is a great asset for new business owners that need some guidance first starting out or even for business owners that have been in business for a long period of time and want help with budgeting, forecasting, planning, etc. I highly recommend Jennifer!"

Lindsey (Bookkeeper)

"Jennifer was an absolute pleasure to work with. I was in desperate need to get my budget back on track and she helped me with that AND MORE! And I realized how important budgeting and planning can be when you are self-employed and have irregular income. Jennifer is extremely knowledgeable and will get you in shape. I would highly recommend Jennifer to anyone looking to get their finances back to being fun and manageable! Thank you so much for your help and expertise!"

Susan (Pet Care)

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